Meet the Fellows

Candice Sossa

Stanford University

An incoming freshman at Stanford University. Candice plans to major in Management Science and Engineering. She is passionate about learning about business and interested in a career in management consulting.

Doan Nguyen

Wharton, University of Pennsylvania

An undergraduate student at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Currently pursuing a double major in Finance and Business Analytics, with a minor in Psychology. Worked at KPMG, interested in pursuing a career in consulting.

Ana Rivelli

UC Berkeley, USA

An undergraduate student pursuing a double major in Business Administration and Economics at UC Berkeley.

Elana McKenna

Trinity College, Ireland

Business and Politics student at Trinity College Dublin. Currently a marketing associate with Irish Student Consulting Group. And interested in a strategy consulting career.

Shreyansh Vats

IIT Kharagpur, India

An undergraduate student from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur. Prior experience with Global Markets team, Deutsche Bank.

Isobel Quirk

Trinity College, Dublin

An undergraduate student at Trinity College, Dublin. Consultant at Irish Student Consulting group (ISCG).

Ivana Andrea

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

An undergraduate student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Worked as a special projects Intern at OVO (PT Visionet Internasional).

Preksha Chand

ILS Law College, India

A Law student from India. She was a delegate at the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) in Kazakhstan. And interested in pursuing a career in Management Consulting.

Aavaiz Raza

University of Toronto, Canada

An undergraduate student at the University of Toronto with a specialization in Management. Aavaiz intends to work in Management Consulting after undergraduation.

Naomi O’Donnell

Imperial College Business School, London

A Masters student at Imperial College Business School, London. Naomi is specializing in International management.

Sarah Cronin

Trinity College, Dublin

Sarah is a Part-time Financial Analyst for Benefacts and is a Business and Economics student at Trinity College Dublin.

Ciaran McKearney

Trinity College, Dublin

Ciarán is a Project Lead for Irish Student Consulting Group (ISCG) and is a Business and Economics student at Trinity College Dublin.

Mishael Kusi-Yeboah

Student at UCL

Mishael is a Vice President at UCL African & Caribbean Society and is pursuing Master’s in Chemical Engineering.

Ryan O’Reilly

Trinity College, Dublin

Ryan is an intern at a leading corporate law firm – Matheson and is a business editor of the Can You Hear Us publication.

Catherine Thiltgen

Trinity College, Dublin

Catherine is interested in learning about Consultancy and Marketing. She’ll be starting her marketing internship this summer.

Niamh O’Brien

Trinity College, Dublin

Niamh has keen interest in Business and Consulting and have completed work experience in Deloitte Ireland and summer internship in consulting firm RSM Ireland. 

Akshat Bharati

Trinity College, Dublin

Akshat is an Ambassador for Trinity College Dublin and is also a student consultant for Irish student consulting group. He is also an active and member of the society culture of their college. 

Laura McDarby

Trinity College, Dublin

Laura is passionate about Consulting and every year she spends quite a bit of time learning the necessary skills and knowledge to make an impact in the consulting world.

Matthew Moyles

Trinity College, Dublin

Matthew considers himself analytical, Logical and solution driven.

Emily Steyaert

Trinity College, Dublin

Emily is an experienced Ents Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the Customer Service industry. She has been chosen and have always excelled in customer facing roles in her working environments along with leadership roles, be it on the sports field or part of a committee.

Noor Waraich

Trinity College, Dublin

Noor is a Business and Economics student. Before starting at university, she took a gap year where she learned about various digital marketing skills which she believes are important in today’s digital world.

Natalia Kaczynska

Trinity College, Dublin

Natalia is a Business and French student at Trinity College, Dublin. She believes that this opportunity will give her a chance to make international networking connections which will improve her resume and profile development.

Global Fellowship Program is an International learning opportunity for the participating fellows.
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